Frequently Asked Questions

How long before the Wedding should I book the Suits?

It varies from wedding to wedding however at least one (1) month should be given for us to prepare your suits and order new ones if needs be. We need time to work on altering suits to fit, co-ordinating waistcoats and ordering ties to be made.

What suit should I wear?

Bearing in mind the bride will be wearing “the dress of her life” and will have expectations as to how the whole day “will look” she will expect you to dress appropriately. For that reason we ask the bride to be present when you book your suits so that we can discuss important matters such as styles, fabrics and colours with you both.

Do you cater for overseas weddings?

Yes we do. We have done this before with great success, with many of our suits being taken to weddings all over the world such as Bali, Paris, Greenland and New Zealand.

What is a white tie event?

A white tie event calls for the most formal attire and is often worn to European functions. Black tails worn with a white “masalla” shirt, waistcoat and tie. In Australia you would wear this type of attire to a very formal church wedding.

I’ve received an invitation - what should I wear?

Contact Australian Formal Wear and we will ensure you have the correct suit for your event.